Welcome To The Rye World War II Veterans Website

Please Volunteer to Help Us Honor Our Veterans.

Brief Overview of Work Completed

  • Created database of over 1,400 veterans from City Hall Plaque. Since no existing list existed a photo was taken and the names transcribed into spreadsheet.
  • Searched National Archives for each veteran to determine if he served in US Army or US Army Air Corp, copying service number, enlistment date and year of birth. Over 500 Veterans Identified.
  • Cross referenced list with Rye High School Directory identifying Rye High School Graduates and year of graduation. This information will be used to scan high school graduation photos of veterans obtained from yearbooks.
  • Actively searching census data from 1930 and 1940 to find home addresses and year of birth.
  • Website created to showcase veteran’s and relate to the community areas that we are in need of help
  • Comment section added to each veteran’s page to obtain and edit information.

Relatives and Friends of Veterans

If you are related to any of our veterans we especially need your help. If you have their service record, DD-214, please make a copy and drop it off at the Square House. Next of kin can request a copy from the National Archives for free.

Please go to this link for detailed information http://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/

We are also looking for pictures, letters and memorabilia for the World War ll exhibit. Please contact us if you are able to provide us any of the above items.

An important part of this project is your memories. On each Veteran page there is a comment section. We need your input to humanize this project. Tell us your stories about the men we are honoring.

Lastly, we ask you to go to your relatives or friends page, use the search function and search by last name. Please verify the information we have, you will see a “?” for information needed, again please use the comments section to fill in any gaps and make corrections.

Adopt a Veteran

We are actively looking for families and individuals to help research and write brief biographies. There are over 1400 stories to be told and we need authors. What a great family project on a cold winter’s day. If you are interested in adopting a veteran we will send you all information we have gathered and some guidelines and websites to aid your effort. Have the kids show off their research skills and become part time historians. All families and individuals will be cited for their efforts unless you choose to remain anonymous. You can select a veterans name or have one assigned. Family and friends will have first preference.

How great would it be to write the story on one of our favorites, Garnet T. Trainor, it would be interesting to find out if he was a local high school coach. There is also Douglass W. Mabee, you might find he told his new friends, “here's my number, so call me maybe

Please volunteer, have some family time and help us tell our veterans stories by adopting a veteran.

Help Wanted

As stated above we want this to be a community-wide effort. We don’t believe any community has ever attempted to preserve their veteran’s stories on this grand of scale. Rye can set the bar for other townships and cities throughout the country in honoring our veterans. We need every Rye citizen who can read, write, use a computer, connect to Social media, etc. to help us collect information and spread the word about this project. We promise you will find your time spent both gratifying and honorable.

  • Research - We are looking for help in many areas. If you can use a computer you can help us. Examples would be trying to find online obituaries for those who have passed. We also need help in identifying the units in which veterans served. When the veterans unit is known we would need you to research the unit or ship online and provide us with a link and photos
  • Graphics - Anyone who is gifted in photo shop and design please contact us.
  • Stories - We are looking for all people who lived in Rye during the war to tell us your recollections which will be featured in the Rye Home Front section of the website.
  • Press Releases - We need talented and creative people to help us get the word out to the media. Please contact us; we know you are out there.
  • Social Media - Everyone please like us on Face Book and talk about us on Twitter. Help this site go viral.